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Never hire an internet marketing company that doesn’t do for themselves what they promise they’ll do for you. You know their claims of success are false when they aren’t using those same strategies for their own company. My friend received a random (spam) email from these guys telling him how the Google local listings are the “best” way to get traffic in the search engines. While Google Local is a great way to capture local business, it shouldn’t be your primary means of search marketing.

Upon inspection of their site, my friend was not able to find any detailed information about this company. No physical address, no page revealing the company’s principals, nothing. You would think that a site so structured around Google local optimization would know enough about it to put their own physical address on their site. Never trust a company with your money that won’t tell you who their principals, where they are located, or don’t do for themselves what they “can do for you”.

Website: www.webheadmarketing.net


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  1. #1 by Witty, but not very intelligent on May 21, 2010 - 10:38 am

    Google maps work for local businesses who serve local clients. And typically they work best for businesses that have people who actually search for their services. I don’t know many people who would search on Google for “google maps service [city name]“, do you?

    As such, there wouldn’t be much point in our site showing up on the Google maps service. Is this where I put “Common Sense Fail!”?

  2. #2 by Mike on May 21, 2010 - 1:01 pm

    True. Google local listings are very beneficial for local businesses that cannot target broad terms due to a lack of relevancy. However, the point of this post was to reveal the illegitimacy of your company, as it came across to my friend in the random spam email he received stating your expertise in Google local listings. Upon further inspection of your site he discovered no physical address, and no information about anyone in your company. He came to the conclusion that paying $398.00 to be “optimized” in Google local would be a complete waste of money. I suggest you establish a little more credibility by being more transparent. To me, this seems like a trap to take money from people don’t know any better, to take money from people that don’t know how simple it is to get listed in Google local. I would not pay for this service. I can sum up Google local optimization with these few points:

    - Submit to Google Local.
    - Make sure your company is mentioned on local sites.
    - Make sure your company information is consistent on any site it appears.
    - Ask your customers to review and rate your company in that listing.

    If you offered this services as part of an entire SEO package, it would be beneficial. However, anytime I get a spam email from a company stating they can help me make a ton of money, I always ask myself, if this company can really make me money, why then did this company have to resort to sending out thousands of spammy emails every day to make money themselves?

  3. #3 by David on May 22, 2010 - 9:29 am

    I also noticed that the testimonials have no attributions. They just say “Isaac I. (December 2009)” and “Norman M. Attorney-at-law (February 2010).” How can I trust such testimonials? They could just be made up!

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